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Netball rounds off U6 charity week

As the final event of a very active U6 charity week, some male teachers played some female teachers in a well-attended game of netball (in the Sports Hall, to make it a bit easier on payers and spectators alike). In a competitive but very good natured match, the women were the ultimate victors by 7 […]

The Weakest Link


The ever-inventive Upper Sixth CS committee staged a Weakest Link show at lunchtime, featuring staff and sixth form teams. They raised even more funds for their chosen charity, Unicef.   Worthy winners were the Spanish Department; the PE department came close, but consoled themselves by scoring a try; the Biologists, in true Weakest Link form, […]

Valentine’s Roses: success!


Love and fun were in the air today, as Valentine’s roses were delivered around school. The photo shows some of the roses – and the attached messages – ready for delivery. Why pink roses? Because this was a fund-raising event in aid of Breakthrough Breast Cancer, and very successful it was too. £256 has been […]