Camden Fencing Club Fundraiser

On Friday 16th January I was invited along to Camden Fencing Club’s first fundraising event in order to film the proceedings and ultimately make a documentary about the event. When we entered the Armourer’s Hall in Camden I was immediately struck by the look and history of the place. There were suits of armour and a huge number of weapons mounted on the walls, along with large portraits and little painted coats of arms with names above them filling the panelling. I wanted to have an area with an interesting background where I could interview notable guests, but I quickly realised I could film anywhere and I would be presented with an interesting and beautiful background. The venue was smaller than I was expecting, which did lead to some logistical problems with filming the fencing in particular. I wanted to get several angles, but this was difficult as I didn’t want to obscure the audience’s view too much, nor did I want to get in the way of the referee. I believe I got quite a lot of good footage and I’m excited about some of the close ups I managed to shoot.

I was also able to meet some GB sabre fencers as well as important people in the club and British fencing. As a fencer myself I was a little starstruck, but despite this I was able to get some very interesting and inspiring interviews.

The fundraiser seemed to be a success, and while I wish I had been able to relax and enjoy the event more rather than working, a good time was had by all and I feel privileged to have been able to help out what I believe to be a great cause, in such a wonderful venue.

By Alicia Wakeling